Types of Salts and Their Uses

Type of Salt Description of Salt
 kosher-salt Kosher Salt – This salt is the go to salt in cooking. It dissolves quickly and its flavor disperses evenly. It is procured from the sea or Earth and has a course texture. It is sold for around a dollar a pound.
 crystalline-sea-salt Crystalline Sea Salt – This salt should be used as a condiment on foods. It should be used to highlight flavors in the prepared dish. It is produced in coastal regions and has an irregular crystal size from fine to coarse. This salt sells for two up to fifteen dollars per pound. This is determined by the area it is harvested from.
 flaked-sea-salt Flaked Sea Salt – This specialty salt is delicate and should be used on lighter foods. It should be crumbled between your fingers and sprinkled on food post preparation. This salt has soft, pyramid shaped crystals that rapidly dissolve. It is harvested on England’s Essex Coast and sells for six dollars per 8.5oz.
 fleur-de-sel-salt Fleur de Sel – This top of the line salt has a delicate flavor. It is typically used as a condiment on tomato, melon and other fresh foods. It should be sprinkled just prior to eating. It is hand harvested from France’s coastal salt ponds. Conditions must be just right to allow its crystalline structure to form. The price point of this salt is around eleven dollars for 4.4oz.
 rock-salt Rock Salt – This rough hearty form of salt is used to regulate temperature and deice roadways. It is mined from deep deposits in the Earth. This type of salt is not meant for human consumption and has a chunky non-uniform crystal structure. Depending on the minerals surrounding the deposit it can give it a gray color. This salt is sold for under a dollar per pound.
 pickling-salt Pickling Salt – This salt is highly concentrated and used to create brines. It is the purest of salts, containing none of the iodine or anticaking chemicals found in table salt. This fine grained salt is sold for less than a dollar per pound.